Discipline of Dermatology

Undergraduate Courses


The Unit is involved with teaching of 4th and 5th years in the new curriculum. The 4th year teaching is based at KEH, MGH, PMMH and ADD. Consultants in the department and sessional consultants are responsible for the weekly teaching. Students are given an MCQ exam at the end of the semester. Students also receive 5 lectures in dermatology at the beginning of each semester and these are made available on the student website. The 5th year teaching is based at Greys and Edendale and involves weekly tutorials and an end of block Objective exam. In 2015, 6th year teaching will be based at each of the satellite hospitals and will involve a clinical assessment at the end of the block.
We have introduced a “Prize for the Best Dermatology Undergraduate” as of December 2013.
Dr Dlova was given special recognition by the students as “One of the Best Teachers in Medical School” for 2013

The Department is also involved in the undergraduate training of allied disciplines in the form of lectures i.e. Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Nursing and the HIV Diploma programme. In addition to lectures it also involves setting and marking examinations.

Nursing Diploma

This is being planned to improve nursing services in the province. The Department, together with the Nursing College and the Department of Nursing at UKZN are committed to introduce a Nursing Diploma or Certificate course in Dermatology. This will improve the services of both inpatients and outpatients with skin disease in the province